"...Jerry DeMeo, with his multifaceted personality, brings to the table of any concert goer, not only great singing and original songs, but he's like having a relative perform at your table. He's both witty and funny, and he brings a friend and family milieu to any venue that he performs at..."
Michael "Eppy" Epstein
 -Partner at Road Warrior Entertainment, New York, N.Y.
 -Former Owner/Operator of My Father's Place, Roslyn, N.Y.  
 -Long Island Music Hall of Fame Inductee 

Music for All Seasons-Jerry DeMeo

"The name sounds so classic Italian...appealing...melodic...colorful...very much like the man himself;  while Jerry DeMeo first arrived in 1985 it was only in the last ten years that his unique, personal blend of music became a welcome part of the events in Fair Harbor. The talent could be hereditary, "My father played the guitar and I grew up with a love of music. My work as a portfolio manager makes it an ideal therapy as well." Many of us who saw Jerry appear at Surfs Out in Kismet or Le Dock in our own town over the Memorial Day weekend enjoyed his natural warmth and connection with the crowd as the songs moved across old and new, country and heavy metal as well as Jerry's own work. It was easy listening in the best sense and interesting to watch the vibes pick up as Jerry seemed to invite the crowd to enjoy the music with him."It's a win-win for me to play for the people I know personally. I would do it till I drop." Fortunately that won't be happening anytime soon because Jerry will be seen and heard more often around Fair Harbor while writing and working on an album; perhaps an evening of music on the Dock?"

-From the Fire Island Tide Newspaper June 10, 2011  by Norman Schechter

"Jerry DeMeo is a singer songerwriter extraordinaire
Jeff Krasner: Music Promoter  

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